The Content Network: A 4-Step System That Will Build & Grow Any Blog, Podcast Or YouTube Channel

  • Build goodwill in your marketplace

  • Establish yourself as a Trusted Authority

  • Reach new & larger audiences with your content

  • Create your Content Calendar for stress-free blogging, podcasting or video production

What is a "Content Network"?

Most marketers just don't get this. 


It's just not enough to *START* a blog, podcast or YouTube channel. 


You need more - you need new, interesting & engaging content...


And you need bums on seats, consuming what you've created and published. 


The Content Network is a 4-Part System that teaches you where to find compelling, fresh and unique ideas for new content that your market will LOVE...

(Good news is that those ideas are in your head right now, if you know how to access them)...


And to maximise the reach, impact and goodwill generated by your Blog, Podcast or YouTube channel....


And in doing so, we'll eliminating the two biggest stressors of ANY content producer: 


- Blank Page Syndrome (that feeling of panic you get when it's time to publish content... but you've got no idea what to say)


- The Empty Room (that sinking feeling when you create a killer piece of content that nobody ever sees)

What's Inside The Content Network?

  • Discover Your "Content Idea Vault"

  • Content Calendar Template

  • 30 Different Post/Episode Formulas

  • Social Media Syndication & Repurposing

Your Content Idea Vault

  • Discover the different "Topics" and "Milestones" that your audience needs to learn about to achieve their ultimate desired outcome

  • Deploy the Escape/Thrive Timeline tool to mine your brain for new and unique ways to create content for your audience

  • How to initiate new, interesting and engaging conversations with your audience by focussing on how they can ESCAPE from the challenges they're facing with their health

Content Post/Episode Formulas

  • Create hundreds of different posts or episodes by multiplying the "Topics" and "Milestones" from your Vault with 30 different content formulas

  • Six Different Content Formulas that will skyrocket your site's SEO and share-worthiness across social media platforms

  • How the 'Crowd-Sourced Post' and 'Should-Ask Questions' can position you as an expert authority and create networking opportunities with leaders in your field or area of expertise 

Content Calendar Template

  • Schedule out your content publishing to avoid writer's block or getting stale and repetitive with your posts and episodes

  • Download a Headline Swipe File to keep your content sounding fresh, engaging and interesting to your perfect audience

  • Maximise your time management by avoiding the "Blank Piece of Paper" trap - and how planning your content in advance actually saves you time

Social Media Syndication & Repurposing

  • Leverage multiple platforms for maximum reach and exposure so you can position your brand in front of more of your perfect audience

  • "EverGreen" your content so you're always present on social media and front-of-mind for your audience (without actually needing to do any more work)

  • Re-engage and recapture those "Happy Dabblers" who aren't yet full-time consumers of your content and loyal followers

What You'll Get:

When you enrol today, you'll get instant access to:

  • 24 Content Formulas
  • 6 BONUS SEO-Optimised Content Types (that get shared like crazy)
  • Done-For-You Content Calendar template
  • Social Media Syndication & Repurposing tutorial for maximum growth of your audience
  • Much more....

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