Here's how to turn your knowledge & expertise into a profitable online course, escape the "Time-For-Money" trap and SERVE & GROW RICH

Don't start a hobby. Start a business.

Would it be possible for your business - the way it is right now - to grow to a million dollars in the next 365 days?


Perhaps a better question might be...


"Are you able to serve hundreds, or thousands, of customers over the next 12 months?"


Chances are, if you're coaching people 1:1 or in groups, the answer is a resounding "Heck, no". 


There's just not enough time in the day - and more importantly...

(Sorry if this question makes you uncomfortable)


Aren't you starting an online business because you want to serve MORE people than you can working 1:1 or in a group environment - and be paid more for doing more good for the world?




So don't let your business idea become a 'hobby'.


Despite everything you might be learning (or being bombarded by 'gurus' ads), you need a means to deliver value and receive payment. 


A blog is not a business, nor is a podcast, YouTube channel or Instagram following. 


The glaringly obvious truth is that in order to make money online you actually need to have a product that people want. 


It's not your fault if you haven't made one yet, so let's talk about the four-step system to getting yours made with my newest Crash Course, How To Create An Online Health Product

What's Inside This Training?

  • Discover What Makes A Product "Easy To Buy"

  • Build Out A Framework & Lesson Plan For Your Product

  • Choose The Right Product Type For Your Business

  • Get It Created, Built & Hosted Online (The Tech-Easy Way)

1. Easy To Buy

  • Deploy the Escape/Thrive Timeline tool to mine your 'expert brain' for the outline for a product

  • Examine the REAL reason why people decide to buy online info products, and what your product needs to be based around

  • Gain clarity on your audience's agenda (and what they want to buy right now) so you can offer them something they're already trying to buy

2. The Product Types

  • Examine the three different "Product Types" and discover how much you're supposed to charge for each

  • Use the "Escape/Thrive Timeline" to create a product suite for your business

  • Learn when you're supposed to give your audience KNOWLEDGE, and when they're just paying for a PLAN OF ACTION

3. Product Creation Framework

  • Three important questions you must answer before writing out the "Curriculum" or outline of any product

  • COACHING: Deliver your content in a way that gets compliance from your buyers & fundamentally changes their health habits for the better

  • Learn the 4 "Pillar Teaching Elements" you should cover in every single video of your product

4. Get It Made, Get It Online

  • You need to look & sound amazing on camera to film your product, right? WRONG!

  • Two simple tools you can use to host your product online (that require no 'tech-learny' stuff)

  • How to Get PAID: The best shopping cart option for online business owners (and two that are 'ok', but should be avoided)

What You'll Get When You Enrol Today:

  • A strategic walkthrough to creating your product
  • 4 "Expert Coaching" tools that help you create real & lasting change for the customers who buy your product
  • The "Escape/Thrive" Timeline Blueprint
  • In-depth training on 'what to say' in your videos...
  • (How to make a product if you don't want to be on camera)...
  • Much more!

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security just as much as you do!!!

And Of Course, You're Protected By My 30-Day "Of COURSE You Can Have Your Money Back If You Don't Love It!" Guarantee

The name is supposed to be pretty self-explanatory there. Really put this training to the test - download all the worksheets & tools I've created for you...


If you DON'T think that this is worth more than what you've paid - or if you're not happy in ANY way... Of course we'll take care of you. Just hit us up at support@thedavidwhite.com and we'll make sure your money is back in your account as soon as possible. 

Oh - and in case you're still not sure, here are some...

Frequently Asked Questions

What The Heck Is A Crash Course?

How Long Will This Thing Take Me To Finish?

Is This Super Advanced Stuff, And What If I'm New?

What If I Don't Like This, Or It's Not For Me?

If you get your hands on one of my products - not just this one, but any of them - and it's not a good fit for what you're looking for...


Even if that's not my fault...


It's only fair that you get a refund, right? I call it my "OF COURSE You Can Have Your Money Back If You Don't Like It" policy. 


Grab your copy of this Crash Course, really put everything to the test, learn some stuff, have some fun, use it in your business, then shoot me an email if you're not thrilled. 


(Because I've always appreciated it in the past when people don't make a big deal out of the whole "That Wasn't Right For Me" thing, so I'm guessing you will too)

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