Here's How To Consistently & Automatically Turn Your New Leads Into Happy Customers

  • NEW TRAINING: The Customer Acquisition Framework

  • Create An Optimised Lead Magnet That Your Audience Wants To Download...

    (And pre-frame you as a trusted authority and advisor)

  • Acquire New Customers Automatically...


    Whilst building goodwill amongst your community and repeatedly converting leads into happy buyers...

  • ... Without using any hype or 'puffery'

    The keyword above is HAPPY - because you don't want to pressure people into buying anything, right? You want them to be happy that they found your product or service


So you can earn MORE revenue by delivering MORE value to your followers by exercising the highest skill of any marketer: The ability to create a logical pathway of progression from

"First-Time Subscriber" to "Repeat Customer". 

  • Product Creation

    We'll create products that makes it easy for your audience to buy (and logical for them to continue to purchase from you) so you can repeatedly and consistently increase your revenue and build a mailing list profitably. 

  • Follow-Up...

    MOST people won't buy straight away - and if we respect that it's usually because of lack of information or self-doubt, we can overcome those concerns and dramatically increase your conversions without strong-arming anybody. 

  • Right Offer, Right Time

    Because the most difficult sale to make is the first one, we'll make your first offer a no-brainer for your customer (and then ask again) so you can easily get new clients and 'ascend' them to happy multi-buyers with the ability to solve their health problems. 

  • Friendly Marketing

    Nobody likes to be hassled and begged to buy a product, right? We won't use any obnoxious marketing - we'll make dignified offers to people who genuinely need your help so you can maintain your goodwill amongst your email followers. 

Oh - We'll Do ALL This In Just 14 Days (But You'll Be Ready To Launch In Just 8). Here's How:

Part 1: Framework Essentials

  • Day 1-2: Your Main Product

    We'll get clarity on what your Flagship product will be by examining your audience, looking at the kinds of content and information they're currently buying, consuming and searching for and create the structure and outline this big-ticket program that will be your most profitable (and useful to your customer).  

  • Day 3: Your Low-Dollar Offer

    We'll create a product that will be a no-brainer for your audience to consume for two reasons: It'll be the "Next Logical Step" for them to take after getting your Lead Magnet or Opt-In Offer, and it'll be manageable enough that they can begin to get results immediately and see that you are capable of delivering immense value to them. 

  • Day 4: Your Lead Magnet

    We'll build a high-converting Lead Magnet that delivers an 'Immediate Win' for your audience and positions you as a trusted authority who they can look to for guidance and wisdom with overcoming their health concerns or achieving their goals. 

    BONUS: Headline Swipe File (because the actual name of your Lead Magnet plays a major​ role in whether or not people want to get it - and this will help you craft a title that screams out 'Value'!) 

Part 2: Conversion

  • Day 5: Build Your Landing Page

    You'll discover the low-tech method (and the unbelievably inexpensive tools) to creating high-converting Landing Pages that turn your website visitors into email subscribers - complete with examples of what's working now!

  • Day 6: Build Your Thank-You Page

    It's at this point that your new subscriber is MOST excited about your brand - and you'd be surprised at how many of them will download your Lead Magnet and think "That's great - what else could I do?" We'll use an extremely simple template to preframe the offer of your Low-Dollar Product as a gesture of goodwill and friendliness. 

  • Day 7-8: Script & Film Video Sales Letter for Low-Dollar Offer

    Even if you're not comfortable with "Making An Offer", I share a simple formula that continues to build goodwill with your audience and presents them with the next logical step (answering that "What Else Could I Do?" question) in a low-pressure environment. And no, you don't need to get on camera if you don't want to!

  • Day 9: Deploy The Conversion Sequence

    MOST of your subscribers won't *buy* anything immediately - and that's totally normal. More often than not they're wondering if the product is right for them​, or they have some level of doubt in ​their own ability to achieve the result. We can overcome their mental objections with the Conversion Sequence

    BONUS: Conversion Sequence Swipe File (yep - I've done almost all the heavy lifting here and created this for you! You can swipe this pre-written email campaign, adjust the copy as needed and paste into your own framework)

The good news at Day 9? You're already set up to go LIVE and begin turning new email subscribers into customers!


There's more though - because the money (and the happiest & most evangelical customer) is in the follow-up and 'ascending' one-time customers into multi-buyers with MORE tools at their disposal to achieve their health goals...

Part 3: Ascension

  • Day 10: Build Your Upsell Page

    Here's where we will make the offer to those who get your Low-Dollar Offer and wonder again "Is there any more great things you can teach me to make serious progress?" Again, we're going hype-free and avoiding puffery to make a dignified and friendly offer. 

  • Day 11-12: Script & Film Upsell Video 

    You'll get ANOTHER template that you can follow (again, even if you're not comfortable 'selling' or being on camera) that you can use to let your audience know about what your Main Product will do for them, and why they should get it. 

  • Day 13: Deploy The Ascension Sequence

    Again, not all your subscribers will buy immediately - and that's fine. We can use a follow-up Ascension Sequence to encourage them to purchase - and let them know that it's safe to do so. 

    BONUS: Ascension Sequence Swipe File (more heavy lifting done on your part with an autoresponder sequence to turn buyers into multi-buyers that you can modify and edit to suit your product and offer)

  • Day 14: How To Acquire 1:1 Clients (Use If You Don't Have A Big-Ticket Product Yet!)

    Regardless of whether you create this Framework before or after you have created your flagship Main Product, you'll undoubtedly be bringing email subscribers into your business who want more and more help

    The best way to increase your revenue while you're getting your product built (or if you don't want to make one at all) is to turn those subscribers into your clients and patients. 

That's not all! You'll also get access to these two BONUS trainings:

  • BONUS: The Downsell Video 

    The money is in the follow-up. When you're presenting a more expensive item to your audience, if they DON'T take it you can quite often recapture that sale by assuring them that their purchase is safe and splitting their payment up into monthly instalments. That's what you'll learn to do with the Downsell Video! 

  • BONUS: Sales Page Basics

    This page you're on now? It's a template I'm using from a software called Kartra. 

    Almost all web-building software has stuff like this - and it's easy to use provided you know how to present your product in the right way, and use the right writing style. We'll go through the basics of creating Sales Pages, which are an optional addition that can boost the effectiveness and conversion rates of your Customer Acquisition Framework. 

Oh - and if YOU are wondering if this is right for you and safe to get...

Of course​ you can have a money back guarantee. Here it is:

It's simple. Take the entire class - download all the Swipe Files and tools, watch all the video trainings, get your Lead Magnet and products built, create your system...


Make some money, and have some fun...


If, at the end of 30 days, you don't feel like the Framework we've created together will easily eclipse your investment for this class... Let me know, and I'll refund 100% of what you paid. 

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