Crash Course: The Customer & Market Research Guide


  • Get inside the minds of your prospects to discover what content they'll consume

  • Find your audience's Ultimate Desired Outcome to demonstrate your ability to help them

  • Spy on your competition (ethically) to discover what's working NOW so you can model it in your own business

What is a "Research Guide"?

The centre of any online business is not you, your expertise, the content or the products and services you deliver.


The centre of your business is your AUDIENCE and your CUSTOMERS.


When you're able to make THEM feel understood, and when you demonstrate that you truly understand where they want to be with their health goals...


And can help them overcome the challenges that they're facing...


You have a platform to create a business where you are seen as a trustworthy expert authority. 

All successful marketers and online business owners - not just in the health and wellness space - are extremely familiar with the needs, desires and frustrations of their audience.


Their success comes from serving a need - 


The Customer & Market Research Guide is a 3-Part system to help you discover your "Perfect Audience", 

What's Inside The Customer & Market Research Guide?

  • Identify Your Perfect Audience

  • Customer Research: Discover what that audience wants to learn & buy from you

  • Market Research: What's working in your space RIGHT NOW

Your Perfect Audience

  • Find out who your market and customers actually are with the AVATAR/SITUATION framework

  • Use the Escape/Thrive Timeline method to find out how to deliver them the fastest results

  • Fill out the Symptom/Cause/Solution template to develop hundreds of blog, podcast or video content ideas

Customer Research

  • Get clarity on their Desires & Fears so you can demonstrate your ability to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals

  • Map your audience's Values System so you can be magnetically attractive to them and built the "Like & Trust" factor

  • Learn how to promote your content and products/services in a manner that positions you as an Expert Authority

Market Research

  • Find the relevant keywords & 'hooks' that are attracting your prospect's attention so you can leverage them with your own message to increase brand awareness

  • How to use Amazon as the most powerful tool to find what your audience LOVES and HATES about the content and products already being offered

  • How to get started with knowing WHAT WORKS NOW even if you're new and don't have an email list or following yet

What You'll Get:

When you enrol today, you'll get instant access to:

  • The Escape/Thrive Timeline Worksheet for content & product creation
  • The Symptom/Cause/Solution Worksheet to describe your audience's problems better than they can (and attract them to your business)
  • Done-For-You Market Research Guide
  • Much more....

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Frequently Asked Questions

What The Heck Is A Crash Course?

How Long Will This Thing Take Me To Finish?

Is This Super Advanced Stuff, And What If I'm New?

Why Is This Only $97?

Two reasons for that, if I'm honest. 

Firstly, so you actually use it. The difference in the number of people who really take action on a PRODUCT versus a FREEBIE is huge. 


I've deliberately priced this so anyone can own a Crash Course and get results from them - but it also separates those who simply want to accrue more information from those who are actually going to take action and make something happen. 

What If I Don't Like This, Or It's Not For Me?

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